V.exeR (v_exer) wrote in garfield_rus,

Помощь зала

Воскресный стрип - какая-то кулинарная феерия. Кто подскажет, что за "brick dough" такое? Тесто фило? И что за способ подачи такой - "with rich, pure lobster reduction"? У меня как-то мозг под кулинарные термины не заточен...

Текст оригинала:
TV: Hello, and welcome again to «Cooking with Lucinda Jolinda-Bolinda"! I'm your host, Lucinda Jolinda-Bolinda! Today's recipe is a lobster roulade... Crispy brick dough filled with fresh east coast lobster, pickled daikon, sauteed cabbage, and served with rich, pure lobster reduction. Now, I bet you're all thinking to yourselves, «Oh, my! I bet that's really hard to make!» Well, I'll let you in on a little secret... It IS. So let's just order a pizza, shall we?
Garfield: I love you, Lucinda Jolinda-Bolinda!
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